What makes the YDT unique?

High Intensity Training

In many schools, colleges and universities training is mostly restricted to the classroom where students study for several hours a week. Here at Ellel you will receive input through your trainers, mentors and peers nearly seven days a week, as we use every aspect of the program to grow you. As a result, you will receive greater depth and healing in your training and learn to live by Kingdom principles in every aspect of life, rather than just at certain times or in specific situations.

Small Student Numbers 

All training happens in small classes in order to encourage openness and acceptance within the class, foster intimacy amongst you and your peers, and ensure content taught is directly applied to your lives. A great deal of growth and development happens when learning to work together as a team, supporting each other in various activities, and opening your hearts to one another in group situations. The small and intimate classes also highlight areas that require greater maturity through your interactions and attitudes toward one another and allows the time to work through them properly.

Building of Life-long Friendships 

Often it can be hard to find and nurture honest, uplifting, and authentic friendships with like-minded people around your age. Because students all live on base, there are regular Maccas runs, games of table tennis, frisbee, volleyball, cards or times when students go on adventures like rock climbing, hikes, beach hangouts, star-gazing evenings or simply enjoying a movie together. The friendships students develop during the year are always a highlight and can last for a lifetime.

Focus on Mentoring and Character Building 

You are getting personally mentored towards maturity in your relationship with God and are encouraged to develop a strong, consistent prayer life and personal devotional habits. Training in relationship skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence are a focus too.All mentors are highly involved in the training you receive and journey closely with you for the entire year, ensuring that you are always appropriately supported and inspired. This creates an environment where you can be honest, vulnerable and receive truth that leads to breakthroughs in your life, strengthening your character to become more Christ-like.

Strong Involvement with Ellel's Ministry Call

You will be immersed in the life, culture and vision of Ellel Ministries, playing an integral part in transforming the lives of those we serve. The most unique aspect of the program is that you will both receive personal prayer ministry and get trained to confidently minister God’s love to your fellow peers, as well as guests who attend our weekend courses. After finishing the year, previous students have found it very helpful to use those skills to support family members, friends and other Christian communities in their life.

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